The tires and inner tubes

The “Soyuz Diagen” company focuses on the tires’ supply for different types of the agricultural, building, loading and auto equipment. The primary objectives of the company are the clients’ satisfaction in the selection of tires of any dimension-types. The wide model range of the domestic and foreign tires manufacturers allows selection the optimum alternative of the scrap tires. The prompt delivery throughout Ukraine allows provision of the continuous operation of your equipment.

The tires for the farming equipment. Our commercial activities’tendency is the tires supply for the agricultural needs of such trademarks, as: Vredestein (The Netherlands), Firestone (USA), Michelin (France), GoodYear (USA), Trelleborg (Sweden), Continental (Germany), Mitas (The Czech Republic), ВКТ (India), Alliance (Israel), Belshina (BShK), Nizhnekamsk tire NkShZ (KAMA), Rosava, OShZ, VlTR, AShK, DShZ, Inner tubes KAVAT (Poland).

Among our regular customers there are large agro-industrial enterprises, as well as the Ukrainian farming equipment dealers.

The tires for the building equipment. The wide range of the tires of different dimension-types for any building and specialized equipment is presented in our warehouses.

The tires for the lorries. One of our commercial activities’ tendencies is the tires’ supply for the lorries and trailers of different trademarks (GoodYear, Sava, Fulda, Petlas, Continental, Matador, Nokian, Yokohama, Bridgestone, Hankook, Kama, Rosava).

The tires for the cars. Another tendency of our company is the tires’ supply for the cars. We are an official representative of the GoodYear trademark.