The wheels’ systems for the farming equipment – are the profitable investments

Recently the issue of the maximum cost saving has become urgent almost for all human activities tendencies. The farming branch hasn’t become an exception – due to the involvement of the new economic technologies, the possibility to improve the effectiveness of the train, and also save the costs for POL has appeared. More often the owners of the farming equipment at the new cars purchasing prefer the wheels’ systems for the tractor modernization. To but a new set of tires, or make the wheels doubling basing on the present in the facilities scrap tires is more economically viable in comparison with the purchasing of the new equipment, especially at the working state of the old one.

The narrow wheels, though providing some tractor’s flexibility, have some urgent disadvantages. First, the soil pressure (and therefore its compaction under the car’s weight) increases the soil density off the tractor’s scent. It means that the chance of the wheelspin increases, especially in the conditions of the high humidity – for instance, during the spring field plowing, after the snow melting. To avoid this, it is recommended to use the doubled wheels systems – by the investigation of the mechanical changes in the soil as a result of the doubles’ field testing it is proved, that at their operation the soil compaction rate decreases twice, and the tire tread adherence 25-30% increases. At the same time, the POL costs 30-35% decrease.

For the tractor’s more flexibility it is preferably to have several wheels’ systems types, and, depending on the conditions, just change the tractor’s tires for its powers’ most effective operation. One more must-have for the tractors is the wheels’ system with narrow tires to run in the spaces between rows. There’s no need to talk about its necessity – it is difficult to find a person, who agrees to lose a part of the harvest because of too wide wheels of the own tractor. And buying the separate car for operation in the fields with the sprouts or harvest can be rather expensive. Moreover, the different samples’ sizes of the roots and sprouts (leaves, stalks) may essentially vary.

If to purchase the different wheels systems for the tractor, it can be made really general.