Trelleborg introduced at sima 2017 the innovated system of the pressure control in the tires for the combines

The company Trelleborg introduced the new system of the pressure control in the tires Variable Inflation Pressure at the exhibition SIMA 2017, which took place in Paris since 26th of February till 2nd of March.

The system’s operation principle is formed by the Internet of things (IoT) technology, which allows pressure control in the tires depending on their load, at the same time decreasing the pressure level on the soil. The system’s function includes not only the pressure control, but also the decision making on its change, depending on the wide range of factors.

The system is integrated directly on the tire’s rim. It consists from the number of gauges, measuring several parameters, including the load, pressure and temperature along with the central electronic processor, controlling the compressor and the pressure control valve.

The system also determines when the load on the right tire differs from the load on the left tire on the same shaft. It provides with the great advantage on the slopes, where the VIP.TM system can provide two different pressures according to the obtained from the IoT data.

The acknowledged as an important innovation, the VIP.TM system was gold medaled at SIMA Innovation Awards 2017.

Please be reminded, that the company “Soyuz Diagen” sells the tires in wide range for the farming equipment Trelleborg of all dimension-types. For the further information don’t hesitate to contact the The tires and batteries Department.