The pressed and alloy wheels, advantages and disadvantages

A lot of drivers not once met the dilemma: “Which of the wheels are better? Alloy or pressed?” We’ll try to solve these issues more detailed.

The tendency of purchasing of some second-hand foreign or domestic car is typical for our country. Such type car owners consider the allow wheels as the kind of their car’s attractive appearance or the way to stand out somehow among other such cars owners. Somebody also masks the pressed wheels by the means of the wheel clad.

Due to the less weight of the alloy wheels in comparison with the pressed ones, the car will run smoother as a result of the unsprung car weight. Such theoretical conclusions can always be demolished by the practical arguments.

If to take into comparison the roads’ state at different weather conditions, then the driving manner and road peculiarities effects can be different. For instance, at dry and warm weather, it is possible to easily maneuver and cope with the appeared in the way holes, but during the heavy snowfall and rain, the chances to wiggle out of different obstacles on the road and to reduce a risk of the bad car damage drops through the floor.

When operating the pressed wheels it can result in the rim’s deformation, but saving the integrity of the road-holding ability. In the case of the alloy wheel testing – the results can be much worse: from the driver’s disorientation to the unwished accident. One of the major paradoxes is the cost of such wheels. The alloy wheel is more expensive than the pressed one almost twice. Usually, at the wish to purchase one alloy wheel, the manufacturers sell them only coupled. That’s why at one alloy wheel change, You could have bought four pressed ones.

It is thought that the pressed steel wheels do not match the exact dimensions of the alloy wheels. In the pressed wheels’ production process the up-to-date equipment is used, which allows the exact following the accuracy and matching of such parameters, as static imbalance, radial and face runout.

You will have to choose on your own, what is in priority for You: the perfect alloy design or safe practical pressed wheel.